RS3 Accepting Bot Requests(CLOSED)

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Crash, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. As the title says I'm accepting bot requests.

    To be more specific I will accept the requests and then I will proceed to develop the bot that gets the most requests.

    Bot Requests:
    Pest Control - 1
    Cockroach Killer - 2
    Crafting Guild Miner - 1
    Nature Runecrafter - 1
    Kebit Fur Farmer - 1
    Working Basic Bots - 6
    Flax Spinner - 1
    Minigame Bots - 1
    White berries picker - 1

    Basic Bots:
    Thieving Bot
    Mining Bot
    Construction Bot
    Crafting Bot
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  2. Pest control?
  3. Cockroach killer with carpace crafting and alching support! (MAKE IT PREMIUM EVEN!)
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  4. I second cockroach killer/crafter/alcher. Also, a crafting guild miner would be lovely. Srs may pay money if you care to pm me with negotiations. :)

    Edit: The main lack of main bases covered bots also include an artisans workshop smither, regular smither, Farming bot, DG bot, Slayer bot, and really the miners for spectre are all very, very lack luster Rimmington bots....
  5. I vote that you do basic bots first, as most don't work properly. Construction, Crafting(Urns), Fletching, Summoning, Superheating, Thieving(Coshing volunteers), ect...
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  6. nature runecrafting bot with spirit graahk or astral runecrafter in lunar isle
  7. Artisans workshop +1
  8. Guys focus on bots we ACTUALLY need.

    A working fletcher
    A working alcher/enchanter
    A good p2p runecrafter
    Artisans workshop
    A working construction bot/A sawmill bot could also be implemented into it for free protean planks
    A broad mining script bot that has more than one location/ that can actually bank.

    Most fighting scripts bots can be made by tweaking Alpha fighter.

    A lot of these bots have been made already would be nice if arbi could make them all open source so other authors can update bots of authors that are MIA.
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  9. kebbit fur farmer
  10. I wrote down all the requests, but at the moment it's leaning towards the basic bots. I'd have to agree with @Jesse, @Azure, and @Thiz18 because I think the community would benefit more from those, but I'll leave this up for a day or 2 more to see if more people agree or if theres something else people would like developed.
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  11. @Crash If i could also add, that I think many consider artisans workshop a basic working bot at this point for smithing ;P

    Unfortunately many of the bot authors that once were are no longer very adamant due to varying reasons or lack of incentive so there are many that already have a good base of code from my understanding if @Arbiter would give the authors some open sources of the scripts bots or authors could work together to supply current motivated authors with their older frameworks it would probably speed up the whole process.

    Specter is a magnificient platform that is currently dwarfed from its potential with a small variety of bots. NOTHING against the authors we have, they I believe do what they can when they can, especially with everything basically being essentially user-end content for free. But facts remain that we could all benefit from a more open network of resources between authors at-least with scripts bots they have retired. @Aria for example has amazing work done on slayer, and she also had an Artisans Workshop bot not too long ago she discontinued.
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    • Flax Spinner - Current ones are outdated and the crafting bots don't support flax spinning.
    • Minigame bots - GOP, Conquest, Stealing Creation, POP, Mobilizing Armies, Barbarian Assault, Temple Trekking etc etc
    • Basic ones (Fletching, Crafting, Construction, Mining, Farming etc) that are currently broken or no working at all with inactive writers.
  12. @Azure I'd have no problem trying to take over @Aria 's bots if she does not mind. I'd of course credit her with everything since I'd basically just maintaining the work she has already done.

    Aside from those specialty bots Aria has created it looks like basic bots is still in the lead and will end up winning. So, I'll need to know specifically which basic bots the community wants the most(I'll work on the top 3), the features(reasonable features), areas/locations to include, and anything else specific to the bot.
  13. Basic bots that support protean items! I need a construction bot to use protean planks, smithing bot to use protean bars, hunter bot that uses protean traps, etc


    And bots that actually move at human speed. I'm not talking about slowing down the bots, I'm talking about speeding them up because almost every single bot here is very slow meaning they are about half as fast as I could do the tasks
  14. I haven't used any bots other than the private ones I make for myself so I'm not sure what you mean by fast or slow in terms of the speed of the tasks of the bots you use.
  15. White berries picker, just plain walking, looting and banking.
  16. We need artisans work shop but we dont NEED it. We have Alexh666 smelter bot which is a great bot.

    We need bots like a fletching bot. We have 3 but none work and no authors are gonna update them soon
  17. I'll add fletching to Basic bot's list.
  18. I highly suggest a Fletching, Crafting(urns for decent xp and profit) , and a Thieving bot to start off with, as we already have a smelter for Smithing.
  19. We need everything lol, other than celestial bots, not many are complete atm.

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