OSRS Accepting First Bot Request That I Feel Is Managable(Closed)

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by awesome123man, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Post bot requests here, first one i find possible by my skills I will like the request and try to push it out ASAP.
  2. You should get into RS3, I need a script bot that'll travel to slayer Masters
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  3. That should be an easy bot, kinda not my type as i'm used to making skilling bots, but i could try... I could also try to make it do slayer assignments in the future :D
  4. Ooh :)
  5. Could you do an OSRS bot that buys items from shops?
  6. Lol, i have seen this requested soo many times. This is not the type of bot i like to make. But maybe after the slayer one i could try this. Maybe after enough requests you will get it :D
  7. Divination dawg
  8. What about Alpha Divination?
  9. would be op to buy all like pots of flour and fishing gear compost .. i could make a list for u if needed
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  10. Ive got a ton of rs3 bot reqs that i would love made but for osrs

    a sand crab bot that banks and re aggros the sand crabs would be amazing for lower levels and pures :)
  11. OSRS flax spinner
  12. Qvespinner is already made
  13. for rs3 again mine clay then use the well to soften up the clay and bank :)
  14. Blast furnace maybe? A bot that simply leaches and doeosn't fix. It would be up to the user to find a world where this is possible.
  15. Leeching bots are not allowed :(
  16. Aww that sucks, would be an awesome bot. But i guess it makes sense that it's prohibited :p
  17. Slayer bot YESS!! (But for RS3 too <3 ) Or a farming bot? Maybe there'd be a way to have it run in the background with other bots? So, for example, you're running a woodcutting bot, and every few hours (or however often it is for a farming run) it stops woodcutting and does a farming run, then goes back to whatever it was doing before.

    That would be OP. I don't think there are any farming bots on this site yet (or slayer) :D
  18. Another nice bot would be saltpetre collector in Zeah. This could be abused for goldfarming so maybe make it paid.
  19. The part where it changes between bots is nothing i can put in a script bot, that would be something for runemate as a whole. But i am going to make a slayer one that at least walks to the slayer master... Maybe even attacks the monsters also :p
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    Hmm, Not a hughe fan of Zeah, i just looked into what saltpetre is lol, and it would be managable, but i may just add it to my mining bot someday, even though it requires a spade... What do you think?

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