RS3 Account combat 136, total 2419, 371 QP

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  1. I'm selling my second main account after stopping botting myself and instead focus on developing bots.


    NOTE: Dung is not 11 xD

    It has done all the quests besides the 2 new ones.

    Comes with:
    1. Chaotic crossbows (set)
    2. Bonecrusher
    3. Charming imp
    4. Full ganodermic
    5. Blood ammy of fury
    6. Lucky bandos chestplate
    7. Lucky sara sword
    8. 200+ overloads
    9. 1k+ charms of each
    You can possibly ask for 200m+ extra on the account to have some starter money for additional fee (will be way under streetprice if you buy the account).

    Has 4 letter name, comes with login name (not email).

    Zero previous misconducts, not even mutes.

    Looking for offers, but will ignore and delete idiot offers.

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  2. Jesus I want this account so bad, but I don't play enough to justify the money. Awesome account though mate. Good luck!

    P.S. Will MM if you desire.
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  3. Let's share it. I feel the same way about it.
  4. Oi you filthy scammer!
  5. Arbi scammed me out of a whole BXP weekend so it's alright.
  6. Ill bid $200 :)
  7. Offer noted in OP.
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