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  1. Very simple, you specify emails for the accounts. As an example, [email protected] Password being password1.

    Then the bot will create an RS account using the email= [email protected] and Password= password1.
    If you specify how many accounts you want, say 10, it will then create an RS account with the email [email protected], [email protected] etc. and once it's done, it would create a .txt file in My Documents ( or a different specified area ) With the emails and passwords in there. Could really save time, as I hate creating accounts. I create accounts daily, and I'd really love to just have a bot that can do it for me :)
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  2. Honestly, keep this separate from RuneMate. An account creator wont require the RuneMate client. It'd be best to keep the program separate from RuneMate and add those accounts yourself into your bot manifest on RuneMate.
  3. Ehh it doesn't require the runemate client, but it wouldn't matter either way. I had one of these in the past and have the source, it's just outdated :D and i don't know how to update it, but I have what's required to update it. If that makes sense lol
  4. I don't know what that is, but in case you're not aware of what I'm trying to accomplish here, I want a bot, or program in general, that can mass create rs3 accounts. :p I've searched, and nothing I've found will work.
  5. Hopefully there's a nice and kool bot author who will make this:rolleyes:
  6. I can make this for you within a day.
    You'll have to resolve the catpcha's yourself tho, as Jagex added those.
  7. When did they add catpchas? I just made 5 accounts and had 0 catpchas. Unless it only occurs after you make X number of accounts. In which case maybe there can be a failsafe for it. Make X accounts until catpchas are required, then stop and wait X minutes until it can create more again. I don't mind doing the catpchas, if there can be an alert or something to pop up on my screen so I don't have to watch it all the time :D Also, thank you in advance :D <3
  8. What link did you use to make accs with ?
  9. I'll PM you.
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  10. It make it so you can set all the accounts with one email. Just a dot trick
    ex; [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
  11. yeah but that doesn't automate the rs account creating part :) unless I'm missing something.
  12. Your correct.
    The trick he's talking about is to use multiple "email-addresses" with one email.
    Basicly an "alias" for one email address.
  13. Ahh, yeah that doesn't really help me lol. oh well :)
  14. I've got one, but I'd have to create a GUI for it if I was ever going to release it xD
  15. You got Skype ?
    I wanna talk to you about the account creator :p
    Mine's djskywalker5
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  16. That'd be pretty awesome if you did, really helpful :D
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    Sure, I'm currently out of town for a few days, but /i'll add you on my cell :D
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    Bump :D

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