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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by homi231, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. hey i wantet to ass if it is possible to make a rs3 acc creator that creatse like 10 when i need them
  2. Possible but they will be banned shortly after creation
  3. Someone made a thread selling something like this. Just look around the forum.
  4. Possible? Yes.
    Plausible? No.

    The way new accounts work is they are put on the watchlist and are quickly banned.
    I would recommend making some gmail accounts that look legit, playing on each character legit for a bit,
    get some levels in all different skills and whatever. And then starting to bot whatever you desire.

    Make the accounts through the regular client though, just for extra precaution.
    This is really the only way to get bot accounts, for me I was just lucky I happen to have 6-7 alts made years back.
  5. Not through tho. I made few hundreds of accs with my acc creator. And they wont get banned until you bot for atleast few days on them (min 5 days). And it depends on what you bot etc etc.Made alot of money with them.
  6. Hm well maybe I'm wrong then, but my thing was based off of observations and things I've heard from others.
  7. Sharing is caring pls
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  8. maybeh :D
  9. <3
  10. Could make it.. Supporter only

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