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  1. Cameron Lund

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    Hello.I used runemate before one instance and my account was hacked and bank was cleaned...I then completely wiped my computer and reset all passwords...I did not use runemate for 2 months..I just started using runemate again friday, and ran it for a majority of the time since..I went to work today and my buddy called me saying I was online and to message him back, however I was at work and not online. i went on my account to find my entire bank cleared. I have viewed prior posts from members of the community, and a staff member "American Express" has given basically the same response to every person, even though they complained for different reasons. This 100% has to do with runemate, and the fact you guys targeted my 20M bank that I have logged 300+ hours working on in the last 2 months is pathetic. I want answers and I want results. this is BULL SHIT.
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    NOTE- I have 2FA enabled..I so i have no clue how this happened
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  3. Savior

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    alright here is a response thats not copy pasted "nothing can happen" bullshit:

    feel free to debug any sorts of connections going from the client to the runemate server. you'll find that the only time it's transferring your accounts login information (IF you enter them into the client) are encrypted. they're encrypted with your runemate login credentials (maybe amongst other things, idk). Technically arbiter could use the rm credentials you're sending to the server by logging into the client to decrypt your players credentials.

    Let's ignore that this is already extremely unlikely, but okay, it is a minor security flaw.

    Now arbiter has hundreds of thousands of player account credentials. What's he gonna do then, just pick random ones? or go after a specific runemate user? there isn't even a guarantee those credentials are valid.

    Runemate sends very few information such as gp in inventory, any rings of duelings equipped, or a part of your quest list, in order to build navigation paths using runemate's web. this data isnt even mapped to a distinct player you've added to your client, just to your runemate user.

    Lets assume he'd go by the accounts with the most wealth currently in the inventory by using the data of a completely different service (it's getting more and more ridiculous as you can see). Now if arbiter logged into these accounts, you would see a lot of users complaining about locked accounts due to suspicious account use, namely differences in IPs, jagex does that pretty easily.

    Now i've seen some ban reports, and i've seen some "hacked" reports, but i've never seen a single "account locked" report on the forums.

    the other possible way runemate can be involved in your account being hacked is if your runemate account itself got compromised, and used to let the client login to your game account ingame. however with 2FA thats pretty much your responsibility instead of runemates.
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    Do you refer to your runescape account? if so thats almost certain evidence that runemate wasnt involved
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  4. Makutu

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    Maybe you got hacked by @ty for bank

    Or, you know, you downloaded Ultrabot.
  5. Knine

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    If your auth is on that means someone had access to remote desktop to login and take your stuff, or someone irl. I don't think Runemate has anything to do with it.
  6. CuppaJava

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    American Express is one of the forum mods and we hear complaints about being hacked pretty often, so of course he's going to have a copy paste answer.

    You say "I only started using runemate again a few days ago" and claim that as proof you've been hacked by runemate, but to me that tells me you've become more active on RuneScape & RuneScape cheating in the last couple days therefore there's a bunch of other ways you could have gotten phished or db breached. Probably clicked a link in an email/YouTube/twitch or something. Or downloaded some other client like runelite or something. Or went to a fishy site and got leylogged.

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  7. bombedubombe

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    The same thing happened to me yesterday too, i have seen many of these posts but never believed in it until it happened to myself yesterday.
    I was using Combat Bot Alpha Fighter when i after 1 hour saw my account was logged out i logged in to check what happened why its logged out and not logging in, and i saw that i lost everything i thought hm maybe i died and the bot couldnt emergency teleport.
    No i opened my bank and all the gold was gone

    This is a serious problem guys. You should check whats happening maybe your database is not so secure as you think or i dont know iam not an specialist. But it happened to me yesterday too. So everyone take care of your Accounts.

    Sorry for bad english i hope you understand me.
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  8. Maxvinchy1

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    what you are saying is completely and utter preposterous Runemate is honestly the most safe and secure clients out there. i have used many many clients in my time in runescape and i can honestly say by far this is the best most secure, undetectable client i have ever used.

    and in regard to a runemate account getting hacked i dont see that regularly happening due to the fact, if you lost your dayum authentication device or codes, their is honestly no way of recovering your account as they Put the ''security of the runemate account completely down to the user''

    Secondly, runemate: Does not enter your runescape auth for you, (You must do this yourself) if you dont have auth then thats completely down to your own foolishness, you should just expected to be hacked (by someone one day).

    Third, if you dont have a bank pin you clearly are a complete dumbass.

    P.S. Trying to blame your own foolishness and stupid actions of reasoning to why you got hijacked on a reputable and well known good botting client is disrespectful and very hurtful to everyone here you should be ashamed.

    case closed.
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