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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by stankie18, May 14, 2016.

  1. Stats: 99 attack 99 defence 99 strength 99hp 70prayer(piety) 71magic 78range, all stats at least level 50
    Items: Has fire cape, full ranger void, unholy book, 2 Dragon defenders, fighter torso, slayer helm imbued, 8m nmz points, tentacle whip
    Quests: over 140QP and all rfd subquests done besides the final boss (175QP needed)
    Extra: And a bit over 1500 total level @ 122 Combat
    Also: has been caught botting and has a black mark.
  2. price on this account?
  3. $0

    yeah soz, people will just bot their own stats

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