Account removed by Jagex?

Discussion in 'General' started by jenzl, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Sup y'all,

    So overnight some weird shit happened to my account. I can't log in anymore, not on the RS website or the client. It says wrong username/password. If I look myself up on the hiscores, it says the username doesn't exist.

    Tried to change my password multiple times already via e-mail, but even with the newly set password, it says "incorrect username/password" when I try to login.

    Anybody knows what's up?
  2. Never heard of cases where jagex deletes accounts. If they wanted to punish they would of issued a ban. The more likely case is you being hacked and your name got changed or something, so that would be a reason as to why you wouldn't see it on the highscores.
  3. Recover it via email
  4. I have same issue messaged them on twitter was tolled its banned feel free to have a look at my twitter feed Naim (@Dias88Naim) | Twitter
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    my account also got taken off high scores / not accessible/ and when you recover say no user

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