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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by mazi1m, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. When I started using SOCK5 proxies, this problem started occuring . Everytime i create an account and then log in with the proxy my account get locked. Please help

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    Post #2 by Dellgenius, Nov 4, 2015
  3. I'm not sure why exactly this is happening, as I have never used proxies myself before. However, my theory is that Jagex detects that you are logging in from a different country and thinks someone has stolen your account. My solution to this would be to use a proxy that is always based in the same country and city. But don't take my speculation as an answer, as I am only guessing.
  4. Happened to me. Eventually forced me to go with authentication.
  5. @Dellgenius, you are probably right. I should have bought proxy customized to my location. I also tried enabling authenticator. It worked until i restarted client and logged again (same proxy tho). I guess if i could use proxy in my browser when creating account there would be no problem, but unfortunately using proxy in my browsers doesnt work.
  6. wich program are u using to get IP?
  7. probably they gave u a used ip, trust me i'm using actually socks 5 on 40 account and never got a problem
  8. I bought 5 proxies not just one. It happens to all of them, so i dont think it's matter of used ips.
  9. listen all my account change country daily or u did not set it correctly or is not a problem of city :)
  10. Yeah looks like the IP is flagged.
  11. i think it's pretty obvious that when one day i log from Poland (that's where im from) and another day from - I dont know.. China?... USA..... Australia, system assumes that account is stolen.
  12. Why would you use different proxies on the same account? Assuming that this is what you're doing...

    You can also use a VPN (unflagged IP ofc) to create multiple accounts.
  13. I use one proxy for each account.
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    Do you know a site that sells proxies located in Europe ?
  14. Just check the market here/other sites.
  15. Still checkin....
  16. Look up CyberGhost
  17. do you use that? do you use premium? do they accept payments from free e-mails? (gmail, aol...). How does it work with RM client?
  18. You don't need a proxy situated near you. You just need to make sure you make the account while on the proxy and don't log into it without the proxy.
  19. Exactly, but since i can't put my proxy into my browser i cant do that! thats the whole problem. The sites wont load on that proxy.

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