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  1. The action doesnt seem to be working with my RC account and all the mine bots also dont seem to be using to action bar the way they should..
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  2. Can you tell me if it's working better now?
  3. still not working...tryed 3 different superheat bots....instead using keybind shortcut , clicks on the superheat icon on the action bar and then on the ores..

    thank you cloud.
  4. Clicking instead of using hotkeys isn't a bug, it's part of player sense (an antipattern system designed to break jagex's pattern recognition).
  5. I'm also having the same problem. Instead of "pressing 1" it is going across the screen and clicking the action every time. I would understand if it mixed it up but its not using the key at all.
  6. It's part of a character classification program. For the vast majority of users it will use the hotkey, but for some users it will click. The reason it doesn't mix it up much is because when people use the actionbar to drop items, moving to click it and mixing hotkeys would eliminate the efficiency gains.
  7. alrigth....that system is cool!! but there is always the same click and click maybe a click + key bind pattern would be better...
  8. As I said in my example, the problem with mixing approaches is that because of the way some bot authors drop items, it would look extremely botlike to mix it.
  9. still not working
  10. Then can you please give a better explanation of what it's doing wrong?
  11. Does it work if you press 9 yourself after enabling keyboard input and clicking somewhere in the game window?

    when i press 9(for teleport to shilo) the script bot presses two for the teleport and when I press 8(for rod) the script bot presses 2 for the teleport.

    with the pouches it does nothing. after i filled the pouches it says "filling gaint pouch"
  12. This issue should now be resolved. If the scripter isn't forcing the keybind to be used, PlayerSense will decide whether to click or use the bind. If you're still looking to use a superheater, mine will be forcing the use of the bind in the next release :)
  13. I would recommend instead allowing an option (false by default) to force bind. The reason PlayerSense exists is to reduce bans. Circumventing it needlessly ruins the whole point to developing it. Slightly slower exp is far better than no exp from a ban.
  14. I've already talked to cloud about it and in this case it's silly not to force it. If you don't force it when alching or superheating you may as well move the item to the inventory slot closest to the spell in the spellbook and switch to legacy mode as clicking the slot in the actionbar means the mouse has to move halfway across the screen. If using the keybind you don't need to move the mouse at all, just hover the item, activate with keybind and then click
  15. ok ty for the explanation

    ty aid den ill mix maxibot with jsuperheat.

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