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  1. This bot is the continuation of a private script bot from RSBot that was able to complete most of Sumona's slayer assignments.

    Due to the extremely large amount of code and data required for the completion of this bot, this bot will be premium, with a fairly lengthy trial period beforehand to ensure it is free of bugs.

    AlphaSlayer has been released! You can find the thread here:

    Planned features:
    Everything from ContractSlayer
    Gear and inventory setup based on tasks
    Support for every slayer master
    Task skipping (was in the RSBot version)
    Stop bot when a certain task is obtained (for people who want to legit tasks like Jad, Greater Demons, Aviansies, etc
    Travel to different monster spots based on the quests you have completed and your skills

    Features/Tasks I will probably not add:

    In general, if a slayer task is difficult/complicated enough to warrant that an individual premium bot be made for it, it will not be supported.

    Special slayer assignments like Jad, KQ
    Tormented Demons
    Any strykewyrms
    Slayer tasks in the GWD due to their poor experience (causing them to be blocked on most lists I've seen on Reddit) and the trouble of getting there


    Converted original bot from RSBot to RuneMate.
    Completed much of the GUI.
    Custom Inventory/Equipment settings for each slayer task are working.
    Converted from Swing gui to JavaFX gui, which took a lot longer than expected
    Converted from original bot framework to Team Alpha's framework (which also will mean ContractSlayer's paint will change)
    Custom potion/prayer settings have been partially implemented.
    Most webs have been created. Bot logic has been reworked from the old framework used in the original RSBot, where just about everything was hardcoded. Some areas still use Predefined paths (TilePaths); I will be working on removing those.

    Planned development path:

    Stage 1:
    ETA: Released
    Ensure most tasks from Sumona are functional. Patch any major bugs and ensure that the bot's internal structure can be easily adapted for every slayer master in both RS3 and OSRS for ease of maintainability. Finish Slayer-related API. Users are required to have a ring of slaying.

    Stage 2:
    ETA: By the end of June
    Expand to Kuradal, Duradel, and Morvran. Users are required to have a ring of slaying.

    Stage 3:
    ETA: Mid-July
    Expand to the lower-leveled slayer masters. Add support for users who do not have a ring of slaying. Further refine code in order to make it easier to port the bot to OSRS.

    Stage 4:
    ETA: September
    Expand to OSRS.
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  2. Good luck man, sounds really promising! If you need to borrow an account with 93 slayer just ask. :p
  3. Just a heads up, you use Interfaces.getAt(int, int) in many places and that's not allowed in premium bots. You have to use queries that don't resolve via indice. Containers are allowable.
  4. So something like ChatDialog.getOption("YES") is allowed, right?
  5. Yeah that's allowed.
  6. @Insomniac

    (My main got banned, one of the very few skills left was 94-99 Slayer)
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  7. Max cape very veryyy soon(tm).

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