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Add bot ratings to bot store as a filter and to show up for each in the bot store?

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  1. 1) When on the bot store, sorting the bots is a good way to find the most popular and last updated, but what about the most highly reviewed? I don't understand why this isn't a filter as it would drastically speed up bot finding and give the users the highest quality bot first.
    2) When searching the bots on the bot store, having the rating in stars show up for each bot either when hovered or normally would help users know if that bot is reliable before having to go to each individual thread and find the ratings which is much more intensive and time consuming.
    *I know that I sound really lazy, because i am, but i just thought of this when trying to filter bots in store by their rating, and realized it wasnt one of the filters* Think it would be a great addition?
  2. I was about to suggest this, there is no way to quickly know ratings from the bot store.

  3. It's a great idea, especially for reducing the amount of "bot doesn't work" posts.
  4. Glad I'm getting support! @Arbiter
    I know this may not be anywhere near first on your list, but it will drastically boost the speed of finding good bots :D
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  5. The reason it wasn't included in the original design was because there weren't enough ratings to make them a reliable metric. Since we introduced them in the client UI they have become more popular. I will have to evaluate whether or not they are used enough to include on the Bot Store. Anyone who wants them should rate all the bots they can before I evaluate.

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  6. And increasing the bots that wont work because authors (mostly don't use them) don't know they are breken.
  7. so are you against this @Qosmiof2 ?
  8. No. I am for this. I just told what @Insomniac was wrong about.
  9. lol the author is gonna know that his bots aren't working when he gets them 1 star ratings... which should be removeable after the issue has been fixed imo.

    Anyhow, bot ratings in the bot store is fine, however, there should be like a minimum 100 characters review where the rating is explained through this. This is to prevent unjustified ratings.
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  10. Werd
  11. Did this not meet the quota @Arbiter?
    And do you remove failed suggestions/requests?

    I also have noticed an increase in bots being rated recently, I doubt it's only me. Like this past week I've gotten like 1 a day :D
  12. I support this too. Even if there aren't 'enough' reviews at this time it would still be beneficial. You'll end up implementing it in the end any way so you may as well just do it now ;)
  13. If youre gonna add it, please add last update date too, so we dont end up with a shitton non-updated bots from back pre-spectre days.
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  14. There shouldn't be any bots on the store that haven't been updated since the release of spectre.
  15. Already exists in two places. Hover over the title in the Bot Store or click it to go to the full resource description.
  16. Oh, I didn't know hovering did that! But still want the filter and rating on hover:D
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