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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Aidden, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. The Sliskelion piece on rs3 needs to be added. You get them frequently when skilling (i've only been woodcutting so i can't talk for other skills) and it needs to be destroyed. Screenshot 2016-07-09 12.06.29.png
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  2. Why not just drop the logs instead of attempting to drop everything? :^)
    I'll jump in game and get the data needed and add it to it :p
  3. Because that can end up with a full inv of random shit under certain circumstances. More so with other skills but it's still an issue. I've added an action check to my drop filter so that it no longer tries to drop destroyables but it still needs to be handled.
  4. I assume you mean like gems for mining, and I guess bird nests for woodcutting :p
    It's added for next update.
  5. They can be banked unlike the other items that are handled by the Unexpecteditemhandler. I believe it should not be added and if a use case (power mining for example) requires getting rid of it the bot author should destroy it himself.
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  6. Yeah I don't think it's possible for UnexpectedItems to completely fill up an inventory... They're usually all limited in numbers or stackable.
    Although most other things handled by UnexpectedItems are bankable. I thought that the reason for the ItemHandler was basically to be a safety net for when bot authors forget to code for them (i.e. trying to drop an undroppable item, like @Aidden was trying to do).

    I don't really have much of an opinion on it because I always disable the UnexpectedItemHandler tbh.
  7. Lol brah. Disable the item handler. Its easy. I do it at skilling stuff. Worth it
  8. That's not the answer. Sliskelion piece is an unexpected item and therefore should be handled by the handler. Simple as that.
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  9. If you ask me, the item is waay too frequent to be destroyed. Just store it its one slot.
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  10. This.
    It doesn't matter how frequent it is. Personally I disable the Unexpected Item Handler, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be updated to handle new unexpected items lol
  11. Wasn't this added a while back?
  12. If it was it's broken, lol.
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    Unless you added it after seeing this thread and never mentioned it. But i'm pretty sure i've never seen it destroy them either way.
  13. I added it after seeing this thread I thought.
  14. It is broken
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    It tries to destroy it but fails everytime @Cloud
  15. Strange, I just tried it then and it worked for me. RIP 50 Sliskelion pieces
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  16. It just destroyed them for me no problem.
  17. Then it was probably something on my end. Now it destroyed it here too.

    @Cloud can you check the onItemAdded (inventory listener) please?
    Ut doesnt trigger
  18. You can choose in-game if you want to keep getting them or not, just go to the scoreboard at the Grand Exchange and pick the rewards option.
    I bot a lot on my skiller, so the extra Slayer xp each week is always welcome. Too bad it destroys the pieces now :(.
  19. I know it seems like this was handled a while ago, but I am currently leveling my divination and when you are nowhere near a bank, if you wanted to keep the sliskelion pieces, would the option to either keep or destroy the item need to be handled on an individual script bot level or on the client through the unknown item handler?
  20. The bot would have to specify that it can operate safely without destroying unexpected items.

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