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  1. Some useful arguments that I'd like to see added that would be useful:
    • Starting a script bot with the specified account/script bot
    • Starting the client with the specified world
    • Starting the client with the specified proxy information
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  2. I agree, let's make it happen.

    The easiest way I can see to make this a reality is by passing the arguments to the script bot so it can use those instead of the GUI. I could do this by changing the signature of onStart() to onStart(String... args), however it would break all existing scripts bots. Thoughts?

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  3. 1. As in an account manager that logs in the specified account when the script bot is started or during runtime when it gets logged out? If so we already have that.
    2. You mean make the client log you in to that specific world before the script bot starts?
    3. Doesn' the client already have proxy options before you log in to the client?
    I don't fully understand the suggestion as his requested features seem to already be in the client :/ Any insight on this?

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  4. They are referring to runtime arguments so that everything can be done from command line.
    Code (Text):
    2. java -jar RuneMate.jar -u Arbiter -pCOOLPASSWORD -a RSUsername --script=ArbiFire
  5. As much as I hate breaking all bots... if it's the cleanest way you can think of I support it.
  6. I think we should do it, but I'm considering auto-converting all the scripts bots in the svn accounts to use the new onStart (And then I'll auto push them too)
  7. So far the following changes have been made for the next release:
    1. onStart() is now onStart(String... args) although args are currently not being passed along
    2. a new CLI argument "bot" has been added that allows you to have a script bot automatically start along with the client
    Code (Text):
    2. java -jar runemate.jar -bot="Cloud's Woodcutter"
  8. Will there be a way to select the account we'd like to use with the script bot?
  9. Oh well shit. I read the title as saying client, not cli. That makes more sense lol.

    Yeah i agree that would be the best way. It's not like it'll be a hard fix for scripters either.
  10. The -bot="" and -account="" are both now available in the current release.
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