AesIron 1.0.1

Mines iron ore in varrock east for easy money.

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  2. nice scripts bots, two question, why the long journey?
    could u add yanille?
  3. The bot takes long route because WebWalker generates it in such way idk why :D Sadly i can't add yanille im not a member :/
  4. i could give u a bond for that problem...
  5. If u wish so :p
  6. No updates on varrock bank route?
  7. After around 40 minutes botting it gave me this and stopped. I thought you might wanna see it.

    Code (Text):
    1. aqu
    2.     at jm.x(
    3.     at ajk.ak(
    4.     at ajk.mousePressed(
    5.     at
    6.     at
    7.     at
    8.     at
    9.     at
    10.     at
    11.     at
    12.     at com.puze.aesiron.AesIron.onLoop(
    13.     at
    14.     at
    15.     at
    16. Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    17.     at ajk.ak(
    18.     ... 12 more
  8. It works fine for me.
  9. it crash and misclick to me, did u do a long run on it?
  10. Ran it for 2 trips, everything works. Can you post an error?
  11. Keeps getting stuck in the bank, just doesn't close the bank interface
  12. just got a straight permanent ban while using this bot so be careful...was making 100k/h with it though but i guess that all dosent really matter now :(
  13. Really sad to hear that :/
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  14. Sorry to hear mate. :(

    How many hours / day and what were you doing?
  15. never used it more than 1-1.5hrs/day but the night i got banned i went 2hrs straight then my account logged out, tried to log back in but it wouldent let me due to the ban

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