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  1. Stopper Blocker submitted a new resource:

    AgiStopper - Maximize your agility with AgiStopper

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  2. ATM running it in polivneach. Unlike other bots failing to do the rough wall part, this one actually manages to do it smooth as fuck! Aswell as the rest of the course.

    however, this one fails to pick up the mark @ the first building, not sure if it picks up other marks. ill keep u posted on that one.
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    ok, it sometimes goes flawless @ the rough wall part. sometimes it also takes 2-3 times to not missclick.

    also noticed it doesnt eat food, but it also doesnt log out @ a critical stage (3 hp and less)
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  3. Draynor Course: Smooth and fast, but doesn't really pick up marks of grace that well (sometimes it will click the action to advance in course rather than picking up the mark first)

    Al-Kharid Course: crashes on startup, error log
    Code (Text):
    1. java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0
    2.     at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck(
    3.     at java.util.ArrayList.get(
    4.     at com.blocker.bots.roof_runner_bot.RoofRunner.try(d:586)
    5.     at com.blocker.bots.roof_runner_bot.RoofRunner.onLoop(d:46)
    6.     at
    7.     at
    8.     at
    Will try more courses soon.
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  4. Stopper Blocker updated Rooftop Runner with a new update entry:

    Rooftop Runner v0.0.3 Released!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the MOG issue. I've seen the bot walk-past the MOG during one go-around then on the next one, it catches it.

    Also, I have fixed the IndexOutOfBounds issue so expect that to be fixed soon :)

    Thanks a ton,
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    Thanks for the feedback!

    I've noticed that it doesn't pick up the marks, at times. You'll note though, that it picks it up eventually - usually on the next go-around. It has something to do with the way that I search for the marks. I'll fix this issue on the next push.

    Also, you'll notice that the bot eats now! You can set the bot to eat at some predefined health percentage.

    Thanks a lot,
    --- Double Post Merged, May 1, 2016 ---
    @focusrite, @Dryrr:

    Hey guys,

    I just pushed update v0.1.0; look forward to that. This version handles all of your concerns and is more efficient than ever. Enjoy collecting MOG as fast as possible, while gaining that agility exp! :)

    Thanks for the input! If there are any remaining issues or anything else you would like to see on this bot, please let me know and I'll put my minions to work! In the meantime, they will be working on a Pest Control Bot.

  5. whats in the update?
    btw, idk what it was but i botted @ poliv yesterday night and got 30-35k xp an hr now i get 35k-40k xp an hr, i mean.. i dont complain :D
    also 3-4 more marks an hr.

    bot keeps getting more solid, keep it up :D!
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  6. I'm glad to hear my improvements are benefiting you! :D

    I just updated the 'Updates' section for this current version but here it is again:

    My next update will help you get more XP per hour! I'm working on implementing a learning algorithm.

    Also, it seems like you would find it useful if I added an XP/Hour label to the GUI so I'll also do that :)

  7. could u add a automatic log out once it hit a critical stage of HP and no food left? cuz i died whilst using it :p
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  8. Haha, you must have botted for a long time :p I'll definitely add an automatic logout once you hit 'Critical HP.' Thanks for the reminder; I knew it was missing something.
  9. more like, just being unlucky xD, cuz it should be possible to run the course without food, unless ur being unlucky.
    Good to hear u'll be adding it. Cant wait!
  10. LOL. No worries, I got your back. The bot has been updated and is ready to go! I just need to test it for a bit.

    I made it so that the bot tries to eat if it's below the user's preset HP-percentage. If it isn't able to eat, it logs out.

    Also, the learning mechanism will also be packaged in the next version (v0.1.7). I let the bot run for 10 minutes at Pollnivneach and here's some evidence of its performance:


    Simply put... amazing!

    Cannot wait until you try it out!
  11. Gets stuck on Al Kharid every time after 'Teeth-grip Zip line'. Just stands there looking for the zip line action i guess.

    Nice bot so far though! :)

    Varrock agi course working great :) Good job man

    EDIT 2:
    On Varrock agi course, it works smooth as hell until it sees a token in this area (see pictured)

    It picks up the token then does nothing.
    I don't know how you've done the bot but i imagine it just walks slightly out of the area which triggers the next step.
    Walking 6 squares east puts it back into action (i think it was 6)
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  12. Great explanation of what was happening! Also, yes, that's exactly what's happening, the player is walking out of the area.

    Both the 'Alkharid' and 'Varrock' problems are fixed in version v0.1.95.

    Thanks for the feedback. If you manage to get to a high level using this bot, feel free to give me a great review :D <-- shameless, lol.
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  13. already got 70-77 with this bot @ polivneach. Atm avaraging 39k xp an hr for 3-4 hrs straight, the bot is looking clean dude :)
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  14. No probs, nice to see such active responses and fixes. Just got 40 and am gonna try canifis tomorrow so will let you know if anything is up with that.

    Will leave a good review when i've used it a couple days :)

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  15. Sick man! I'm liking what I'm hearing. LOL.
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