Aidden's Miner

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  1. Mines anything anywhere.
    ETA: Boxing Day(Australian time)

    Current Features:
    • Supported rocks:
      Lumbridge Copper & Tin
      Rimmington Copper, Tin, Clay, Iron, Gold
      Varrock West Tin, Iron
      Varrock East Copper, Tin, Iron
    • Powermine
    • Standard and m1d1 support
    • Saves/loads gui settings from stored settings file
    • Reads rock configurations from stored file
    • Custom rocks
    Future Features:
    • Ability to mine multiple types at once (eg. Coal and Iron)
    • Ability to modify existing rock configurations
    • Banking
    • Death Walk
    • Steaming rock detection
    • Rock Golem detection
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  2. Sounds good, let me know if you need any help or have any questions.
  3. Updated progress :)
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