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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Dryrr, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    i was wondering if we could get a working AIO fletcher bot.

    Cutting bows
    Stringing bows
    Cutting + stringing bows
    Cutting bolt tips/ Tipping bolts
    and bolts/darts

    would be gr8!
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  2. Will look into it. Not done much fletching but is cutting bolt tips not more smithing related?
  3. cutting bolt tips requires fletching lvs/ its cutting gems into bolt tips
  4. No it's just 1 chisel and inventory full of a gem (rubies, diamonds etc..) and it will cut bolt tips for fletching,
    it just requires fletching.
  5. this would be nice doe
  6. Honestly feel like it would be better keeping that part in an AIO crafting bot. The other stuff I'll look into though.
  7. Since it's a fletching skill it would confuse people in which script bot to use.
  8. its also not really necessary to implement it since it is really slow exp. but its quite a profitable
  9. I know you're all probably back to using the other available Fletching scripts bots, but regardless, progress is going well and I hope to have a release tomorrow.

    Will support:
    -Cutting unstrung bows
    -Stringing bows
    -Making arrow shafts
    -Attaching feathers to shafts [with heads possibly being added at a later date].
  10. Awesome, looking forward testing your bot. :)
    Most bots dont have 'Attaching feathers to shafts' so that's good.
  11. what other fletching bots? none are working for me XD
  12. Ah, thought they'd have been fixed by now.
  13. idk, they werent yesterday so..
    glad to see ur making progress, looking forward to test the shit out of ur aio fletcher! :D
  14. Release is queued, please test when it's up :D
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    Also I'll add tipping arrows at a later date. This was really just an exploration to me so I could learn to interact with interfaces etc.
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    It's out :)

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