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  1. Hey guys!

    So I've been away from the RS Cheating scene for a while and I figured I would write a script bot that would take up a bit of time and benefit the community as a whole. This project will be open source and free so people will get a chance to look at a huge project!

    Once this is done I will also put it on Github for ease of access if people want to work on it/fix/improve it in the future.

    Planned Features
    • Full Slayer Master support (including swapping masters based on levels.)
    • Banking in all possible locations in relation to slayer tasks.
    • Gear swapping based on task.
    • Full loot system based of wealth of items (possibly done otherwise?)
    • Implementation of fairy rings and other modes of transport to get to and from tasks.
    • Ability to skip predetermined tasks.
    • Loot selling (this will be a late feature.)
    • Supply Buying (will buy all required items.)
    If you have any more suggestions in terms of content that I should include in the script bot please feel free to leave a message and I will consider adding it!

    Colour code
    • Red - Not started.
    • Orange - Currently working on/buggy.
    • Green - Completed.

    Current Tasks
    • Basic Melee (fighting, eating, praying)
    • Basic Mage
    • Basic Range
    • Looting system
    • Player banking in most common slayer spots.
    • Using presets for getting correct combat gear.
    NPC Interaction
    • Low level slayer master tasks

    Dev Log

    Code (Text):
    1. 05/04/2015
    2. - Started writing the basics of the combat system for melee.
    3. - Wrote and finished the basic concepts for combat, all should be working but needs to be tested.
    4. 06/04/2015
    5. -Finished the looting system.
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  2. Sounds like a pretty large project. Good luck buddy.
  3. Thanks man, I have a few weeks off thanks to Easter so I should be able to get it finished relatively fast.

    On a side note: I should point out OS = Open Source and not Old School. I should probably point out that this will be for RS3 and will eventually evolve into OSRS (mainly because I don't have the 8M for a bond).
  4. Oh damn, I was assuming it was for old school which didn't interest me much. Why did you decide to do open source? You could easily make some money with such a large project (if you do a good job on it, anyway).

    I'll definitely be following the development of this bot.
  5. Yeah, I was stupid and didn't think about it at all until after posting! And because I want to help develop the bots that are produced here and not make money.
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    Updated the thread with a more clear idea of what I'm working on and when.
  6. You should definitely make this bot premium in order to lessen the people abusing it, and you'll make $$ yourself.
  7. I would feel bad making it premium, maybe I can take the combat aspect of it and release that as free/open source? And then keep the aspects of slayer premium (getting tasks/selling/buying)
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  8. I wouldn't mind it camping slayer monsters like a "normal" autofighter.
  9. Okay that sounds reasonable :) thanks for the idea!
  10. Awesome. I wish someone did this for rs3 though
  11. This is for RS3 :)
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  12. This is for RS3 but I'm an idiot and forgot OS == Old School
  14. OS is meant to mean open source, not old school but I'm a pleb.
  15. The title should definitely be changed to prevent further confusion.
  16. Yeah I agree, I just need to get someone to change it for me :)
  17. I dont want to be a douche but "OS" AS IN OPEN SOURCE.
  18. Sorry guys, but I'm stupid haha :) I have messaged a mod to ask him to change the thread title.
  19. I think you should let it run Free to use for 2-5 days, so people can report bugs etc.
  20. That was my intention as well, once I get the web walking, combat, looting, banking and task getting working I'm going to have a "beta" release.

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