Dark Air Runner | Coal Miner | Iron Miner | 5 copies each

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  1. Hey guys, I am currently selling custom bots I have created for personal use.

    I have error checked each one for over 8 hours each (current coal miner is at 4, no stoppages yet). Oak Plank Maker and Coal Miner will walk a different pathway each time, randomly generated for both X and Y between -5 and 5 blocks. Air Runner is the fastest possible common path to and from Varrock west bank.

    Each bot will be sold a maximum of 5 times. If you give it out, I will stop pushing updates to you as others find/suggest fixes.

    Coal Miner: 3
    Air Runner: 2
    Oak Plank Maker (Varrock East) : 5

    If you guys want to purchase these, they go for 3$ each, or 450k DS gold.
    Contact my skype : yodamonkey5
    For any questions/concerns/hate.
    Thank you!
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  2. I can Vouch for this guy i got the Coal Miner/Air Runner today :)
  3. Wanting to buy one for DS gold. I'll pm you on skype tomorrow :D

    EDIT: Bought an iron and coal miner :) Trade went smoothly :) Time to test these puppies out. Definitely get these before they're gone.
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  4. Selling Varrock East Oak Plank Maker.
    5 Sales available.

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