RS3 airut looter

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  1. should be easy to program just have it loot custom and then use any unnoted items on magic notepaper
  2. Why wouldn't they :nickyoung: :nickyoung: :nickyoung: :nickyoung:
  3. I remember Arbiter saying something bad about wilderness looters. @Savior
  4. I had one, worked on that island with looting best items

    Wysłane z mojego ALE-L21 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  5. I don't see an issue. Might be missing something though.
  6. Incorrect?
  7. This shouldn't be an issue considering people who don't pick up their loot are usually the ones who pace through their slayer tasks.
  8. It's not really that, but a looter in general. If you make a looter that accepts items a user wants to loot, you can make it loot everything and everywhere. I got the impression that Arbiter had some problems with looters, that's why I raised the question.
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  9. Good point. However, it could still be possible with a looter if you restrict it to one specific area with limited items... with the exception of places like wildy etc.
  10. Fair enough.

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