RS3 Alcher + ge buyer.

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  1. opieopie

    Apr 7, 2015
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    Hello fellow botters,

    As title says.

    We need a bot that can:

    1. Buy items from G.E compared to making most profit: Grand Exchange Market Watch/Alchemy
    2. Buy Nature Runes if out of stock.
    3. Alch items with a good speed. Use the action bar for faster alching.
    4. Random delays, random movement (Around bank/g.e assistant) just for antiban.
    5. Profit calculator that is accurate.

    Buying logic:
    1.Search the most profitable item, buy a limit(user configureable) of it.
    2. If its not bought within a given time(user configureable), abort it go to step 1 and increase buy price with 1-2gp.
    3. If aborted or bought click to inventory.
    4. Alch untill nothing left.
    5. Start over?


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  2. Derk

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    Jan 8, 2015
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    How do you think the bot should handle whenever the items it's trying to buy are not selling? This causes a dangerous situation, because if that means it moves on to the next best item it might end up buying stuff that causes huge losses. On the other end is waiting, but that defeats the point of having a bot.

    I think you should think this through a little more.
  3. opieopie

    Apr 7, 2015
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    Simple, make the bot abort it just like a normal human does.
    If its not instant bought, I abort it instantly. Or increase the buy price with 1-2gps.
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    Well some could make the bare bot(beta) then improve it afterwards.
    Also I just want what I requested :)

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