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  2. Does this work for cannonballs? I have steel bars saved on preset 2 and it keeps opening bank :)
  3. It currently supports turning ores into bars, that is the reason for the behavior you are seeing.
    I could add steel bars as recognised materials for it to not go into a bank loop but that would break making steel bars from ores since the bot has no interface and offers no settings..
  4. Maybe you could add an checkbox that toggles it on/off depending on if you make bars or balls?
  5. Too much work, if you really need it, and have a huge stock of steel to turn to cannonballs, I can break making steel bars from steel ore since I don't see many people doing that anyway.
  6. You could always just have it triggered based on a boolean value after closing the bank. I.E. If the preset (hence the inventory filling/changing and/or bank closing) means that the inventory then contains bars, it must mean that the user is using steel bars as their resource, and not the end product. And nice job on the portable related releases dude.
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  7. Would really like a Progress Report thing if ya could for all your bots <3 Other than that, VERY happy with a lot of your bots!
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  8. Very busy with life at the moment, but once I have free time I'll definitely work on all suggestions :)
    Thanks for the feedback guys <3
  9. Just curious, did you ever switch the steel bars with the cannonballs?
  10. No, It will be a UI feature when I get the time to implement it.

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