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  1. hello i have rounded up all my unchecked runescape 3 accounts and some osrs accounts
    so i am going to release a big list VIA PM to only bot authors because no one wants mains skillers etc banned for making a script bot or so have you so yea you can Private message me if you want one.

    this is a bot author title [​IMG]
    @SlashnHax used your title for an example


    ps i will be making a runescape account checker to check all these i have about 5k accounts not sure if some work or dont work
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  2. You could give me one just for the sake of it :p
  3. Shoot me a pm, would be very useful :)
  4. I could use some in the future :)
  5. How exactly did you get these accounts? If you hacked them I'll pass, hackers are disgusting.
  6. that's cool if you don't got nothing nice to say don't come on my thread
    ps i will never tell anyone but one person how i got them so did i hack them maybe or did i find them maybe
    witch is a lie and witch isn't.

  7. Ha you gave yourself away by saying 'if you have nothing nice to say' in correlation to my statement of hackers being disgusting.

    I don't want anything to do with your dirty business, but good luck.
  8. May i get one? Would be really good to use for writing scripts bots. Possibly hunter :p
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  9. The accounts are highly saturated, tried 175 logins/5,000+. 41 of which are working, most have only a few levels in f2p skills. Nothing special but grateful none the less, can be used as chat bots and any gold farming methods that don't require skills, useful for creating questing bots and testing f2p-related activities
  10. Thank you for testing and providing me the info :)
  11. Lol I'm reasonably certain (too lazy to check) that he said he hacked them in another thread...
  12. That's a pretty dank contribution I guess. Nice.
    Essentially he could have found the accounts in a pastebin dump made by a hacker, therefore not being directly involved in the hacks themselves. Inception bruh. :p
  13. ;) who knows how i got them and who cares
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  14. Not going to risk a flagged IP, and I don't mean botting-flagged. Been in the BH scene long enough to know the dangers :p
  15. He's sourced them from Pastebin, Bugabuse and a few other sites, only possible way of creating, storing and purchasing such a DB.

    His actual give away was the 'If some of them work or not' probably a previous sourced Datebase purchase.

    Pretty sure those kind of things aren't allowed here right?

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