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Discussion in 'General' started by JoJo, May 12, 2016.

  1. So I am asking for advice here from you guys, I will be finding myself with a lot of free time from now, and I will be learning some computer languages and figured since I'm doing that I will need somewhere to start, is there any book, websites, or anything else that comes to mind that is a good resource of knowledge to get started with?
  2. Okay. You ofcourse have different languages for different use.

    You can use Java for anything, i heard C and C#,C++ are for PC only (most games and robots/vehicles are written in that language i think), then you have web languages (PHP,Ruby on rails, html, css, javascript (-> jquery), phyton and probably more that i dont really know atm.

    Tell us what you want to do with your programming skills
  3. To begin with just creating bots for runemate, then I plan to expand from that to other languages html 5 being the second thing I want to move on to. I have a little experience with c++ but nothing that I shouldn't relearn. @Qosmiof2
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  4. I just started writing a series on coding for RuneMate, you can find it here: Tutorial - The Coding Chronicles - for a Newb, by a Newb | Community | RuneMate

    Personally I found Java quite fun to jump into given that I've not coded previously, so I naturally would recommend that. There's plenty resources about to get started.
  5. So what language does runemate code in specifically ? Java?
  6. Yeah java
  7. Any compiler you guys prefer I kno I won't be working with a complex one for a bit I have used eclipse in the past.
  8. For use with Java? Just use IntelliJ.
  9. What do you think iOS apps are written with? Or Windows Phone apps?
  10. There is only one compiler for Java, that is the standard javac you get with the JDK from oracle.
    As to what IDE you should use, i would personally recommend IntelliJ but Eclipse is older and therefore more established and is a completely valid option.
  11. Runemate and it's script bot run java code. Java is easy asf as long as you have common sense and you can use Google or the docs. I wouldn't suggest starting with c or cpp either because IMHO you should learn oop first
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