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  1. I really hope that after exams are over that you come back and fix your bots

    There's like at least 30-40 bots in spectre
    but less than half of them are working
    And 50% are working but are slow asf
    And unresponsive
  2. Report issues with the particular bots in their respective threads if you haven't already.
    Filtering the bot store with "last updated" also helps.
  3. If a bot author has been inactive for a long time and their bots don't work, let me know.
  4. Eagles13
  5. I and a few others would love an updated runespan bot <3 r.i.p celestial runespan, we hardly knew ye.
  6. Aidden
  7. Eh, I know that Eagles13 is working on his.
    Aidden's not exactly inactive, he's just busy irl.
  8. Exams finish on 13/6. So i'll be working on stuff from then until 11/7 when i start semester 2. Hopefully i'll be able to continue working on them throughout semester as i'm only doing 2 units next semester.
  9. Baddest Man on Earth
  10. PMs with the broken bot's thread/overview might be a better idea actually xD
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  12. If a bot is not open source that should never happen.

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