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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by atepper2, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    Ive used many different bots, and they all seem to slow up after a few mins. They start very well, then just act like they're paused. As I speak, the herblore bot is just stopped with my bank open. If I put my mouse back on it, it will start working again for about 30 seconds, then act like I paused it again. This has happened with just about every bot that I've used....anything I can do?
  2. Could be a case of outdated bots. Try giving something like Open Fighter or something else with recent reviews and see if your experience varies
  3. Same happens to me using the Open Fighter. Sometimes it stands there for a few seconds unless i do a move myself. Also i recently became a member & this new Sliskelion piece randomly appears on my inventory. then the system says...
    Unexpected item handler Activated. But all i does is click on it, selects Destroy option each and every time. Then leaves it that way, it wont eat food until that item is no longer on my inventory.
    I added the food to my skill bar (rs3) to see if it would change anything, it really does not.

    please look into that when ever possible. Thanks
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    Must be an old version, look for a newer version.

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