Dark All cooking bots not working (for me atleast)

Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by LaFitch, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. sup doods, for the past few days every cooking bot i have attempted to use are not working.

    all other bots a working fine but when i try cooking, all that happenes is that the bot runs to the bank opens the bank and then sits there not doing anything.

    the following screenshots are what happens when i try to use the bots.

    Alpha Cooker: http://imgur.com/jUO2GXc
    F-5 Cooker: http://imgur.com/VG46e6z
    any help will be very appreciated.
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  2. @Cloud another instance of ds banking not working
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  3. Remove your RuneScape Name!!!!!!!!!
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  4. We can see all of your stats. With this information it'd be extremely easy for Jagex to determine which account this... and also your username is there. lol
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  5. thanks guys didnt know :L ill black out the usernames
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  6. We gotcha back bro.
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  7. If you let me borrow an account I'll test this.
  8. ill pm u an account
  9. still not working
  10. nope
  11. Works fine for me, don't mind my horrible paint skills though.. [​IMG]
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  12. lucky you/ whats wrong with mine and that other dudes
  13. I don't know :( I do hope its fixed for you guys though very soon <3 :)
  14. This happens when you dont use presets, for some reason withdrawing is bugged atm and presets is the onyl way the bot can withdraw

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