Alpha Abyss Camper 1.0

AFK 99 melee skills easily.

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    Alpha Abyss Camper - AFK 99 melee skills easily.

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  2. This resource has not been removed and is available for download.
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  3. [​IMG]
    A proggy
    I'm testing it out with Guthan's set to see if I am able to stay longer.
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    Guthan's set is definitely the way to go. I've been here for 40 minutes and I've yet to eat a single shark. You get less expierence compared to crystal halberd but 337k Defence and hour and 111k Hp is definitely better than nothing! Thanks so much for this script bot!
    *Edit* Guthan's proggy no sharks eaten.
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  4. Ill test this out tomorrow and get 99 attack.
  5. Have you a recomended level to start at this area?
  6. I havent tried this but does any1 know if it supports prayer potions?
  7. He says it does in the main post.
  8. I thought that was for boosting pots only
  9. Its more likely that he simply implemented his prexisting pot methods into this script bot. I can't test right now, currently botting with alpha fighter at sara spirtual mages.
  10. If you're meleeing, bandos and a crystal halberd are best cost-wise. For healing you can use a blood fury, soulsplit or guthan's.
  11. makes this after i got 99 att/str/def with shit xp...

    Does this work with ranged/mage?
  12. it will, I always see tons of people maging here :D
  13. Cool, what about healing though?
  14. Use a blood amulet of fury, or I suppose you could use like blood barrage maybe.
  15. It's pretty good if you're able to use guthans, I've been botting it for 3 hours and you never have to eat
  16. I'll see if i ccan bot to 70/70/70. Really hard for me since i'm not familiar with combat because i was always a main skiller.
  17. If I were you I would just use Alpha Slayer bot to train your melee to 70. you just need to set up all the armour and the low ranking slayer masters don't require much.
  18. All's working great so far - I'm using this to Chin at the Abyss. (250k/hr)
    All that would make this work even better is that if the bot runs out of food, to use all pots (or provide the setting to use all pots) before activating a teletab.
  19. This bot is pretty nice. I have used it to get 1 99 already. Ran it for 6 hours flawlessly.
  20. [​IMG]
    Killing it!

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