Alpha Agility 2.2.1

Round and round and round we go

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    Alpha Agility - Round and round and round we go

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  2. Features atm? :D want me to make you a thread layout?
  3. I also want to know what features this script bot offer, also all courses supported?
  4. Whoops, I forgot I made this public xD
    Features in this update are:
    RS3: Gnome Basic, Barb Basic, Wilderness, Gnome Advanced
    OSRS: Gnome Basic, Draynor rooftop

    Next update (v1.1.0):
    RS3: Gnome Basic, Barb Basic, Wilderness, Werewolf, Ape Atoll, Gnome Advanced, Barb Advanced, Hefin
    OSRS: Gnome Basic, Draynor rooftop
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  5. Does it support deathwalking to Wilderness Course (and if so, how)? And does it eat food?
  6. Yes, using the lever in edgeville. It does eat food, it also supports agility potions and summer pies
  7. Awesome, thanks for the fast reply :).
    Gonna use this after I'm done with Firemaking.
  8. Edit: Mapped Barb outpost as well :)
  9. Hey SlashnHax.
    First of all, thanks for providing an agility bot for us OSRS players. are there by any chance you're going to extend the bot with other courses? in the nearest future :)

  10. YAYY its here, time to get agility 99 :p
  11. Yeah, I plan to flesh it out as much as possible. The only problem is I don't have a decent OSRS account to map courses with. If given an account with access to everything and a couple of days to work on it, I could probably get all of the good courses done in that time xD
  12. [​IMG]

    damn advanced gnome you made it so flawless :p
    edit: please make it support summer pies
    will be posting bigger proggies later, keep up the good job mate :p
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  13. Thank you, the script bot ran beautifully for ~4 hours on the hefin course before this happened. Could you let it eat/drop/destroy all the rewards except for the Symbol pieces, crystal acorns and the Hefin course multipliers? Thank you so much :).
  14. It supports summer pies and agility potions, but only eats/drinks them when you need the boost to access the course or stop failing it :p
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    I'll add a task to drop the mint cakes :)
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  15. Could you maybe add withdrawing food from bank after death when training at Wilderness Course?
    Think it'll be pretty helpful for our skillers here since we (atleast I) die pretty fast there with those 2 skeletons walking around and we need to train till like 85 before we can use next course.
    Other than that, great bot!
  16. Hey Slash

    Just wanna be annoying again. to hear if your able to "loan" an account to setup more OSRS courses, especially Canifis (Should be the best grace marks drop rate).

    If not, Please PM me and we can try solve something out.
  17. Nah I haven't been able to find anyone who's willing to lend me one :/
  18. @SlashnHax
    Do you think you will or can add this feature if it isn't too much of an hassle?
    If you won't, fine too, would be helpful for skillers though :).
  19. Hey Elmacaro
    Im currently working with Slashn. and we soon have something new to add for the OSRS

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