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  2. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  3. would be a pretty significant speed increase if you had the bot use noted ore/coal on the smelter rather than clicking deposit ore and navigating all the menus. The bot is also currently having an issue while doing adamant where it won't deposit the coal but try to deposit adamant twice every time. Not sure if it happens with other ores because I've only tested with addy.

    Anyway, using this for 99 smithing while Artisan's is 2x xp, so thanks even if you don't fix it.
  4. Since when did this bot exist.
  5. It was private and was made public recently.

    I was going to use the Pi bot but it doesn't even use hotkeys to change armor pieces so this one is currently much faster (though as I stated in the last post has some room for improvement). I believe I mentioned that in the bot thread as well, not sure it was ever addressed.
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  6. Hotkeys make very little difference.
  7. The difference is probably 2-3 seconds each time the item switches which you would think is pretty significant.

    Not to mention the fact that the large majority of legitimate players are going to use the very large and easy to use menu which also supports hotkeys rather than right clicking the anvil and choosing a new piece. You're free to do whatever you want, I'm not the one writing the bots. Pretty silly to disregard criticism though.
  8. are you serious? you cant be serious.

    your bot actually sucks man. I tried it out before using this one. your bot right clicks the anvil and hits open menu even if the current item is less than a second from being completed, which just wastes the potential ~9 seconds it takes to make one item. on top of that no human player is gonna interact with the anvil every time the item changes, they're gonna use the very convenient menu with hotkeys, which doesn't stop the current item from being completed.

    also your rainbow trail is annoying.

    edit: I don't want this post to be completely useless to the actual author of this bot.

    been running it for a few hours now, working pretty well. it'd be cool if the paint showed xp til level. currently it shows time and percentage.

    other than that, it could be sped up a fair bit by using the ores on the machine instead of going through the interface to deposit, and not depositing after every inventory since the machine can hold 4k of iron/mith/adamantite/rune ores and 8k coal.
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  9. Hot Keys make all the difference.
    I did this legit 92-96 and almost killed myself.
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  10. Yes.
    You're funny.
    Never thought of it like that, but you're right.
    Not changing it for one person, especially if tons of other people love it.
  11. Why did it say you quoted me, wtf
  12. Hello, I'm here to give some feedback about your script bot.

    1: when it runs out of ingots it deposits my adamantite ores twice instead of depositing adamantite then coal

    2: Would be nice make it check how many ores you have left and when there is like 100-500 left deposit more instead of depositing ores each time it wants to withdraw ingots.

    That's it for now :) would be awesome if you could update it asap for the double exp event.
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  13. What message appears in the chat when you deposit adamantite ores?
  14. [​IMG]
    2nd message is from trying to add more adamant ore when its already full.

    coal is just "You deposit x coal."

    also idk how much work it'd be to make it use the ores on the smelter rather than navigating the menus but it is a pretty significant speed increase if you're up to it :)
  15. wait what does yours deposit coal?:O mine doesn't for some reason. It tries to deposit adamantite ores twice :O am I doing something wrong?
  16. No, the bot is bugged and does not deposit coal. I was just telling him what the message was for coal in case he needed it as well.
  17. Ohh allright ^^. It's too risky atm won't use it until it's fixed :p.
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  18. this bot will make one inventory then go and keep trying to deposit iron ore even thought it is already full, then after 2 minutes the script bot will end.
  19. Problem depositing addy ore twice still happen. Did you look into it aria?
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