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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by SlashnHax, Jun 16, 2015.

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  2. I will be the one to test this for a maximum of 10 hours!
  3. goodluck :) i think there will be an almost 0% ban chance :p
  4. Testing it now! Going strong for about 15 mins as of now :D

    Could we have a "soul split below this health" option?

    Thanks for all your work slash!
  5. Don't forget to thank the bot author with a nice proggy when you stop the script bot :D
  6. Actually I've had multiple pmods scouting the area. Be aware, they can't ban you but if they report you you're finished.

    Still nice job Slash, I suggest making this premium ASAP. :p
  7. Pathing on rorarius in the lab seems wierd. It keeps on running back and forth between the entrance spot and somewhere else in the dungeon. Cant really get to rorarius
  8. They were doing that at the release of the dungeon, but I don't think they got anyone banned. It was Jagex detecting the window title of RSBot that led to the death of the ascension scripts bots (and my main)
  9. [​IMG]

    deserves premium!
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  10. I should have told cloud to not push it through if it didn't pass the test... xD
    I guess he'd probably want it to be free for a short amount of time to let other people use/test it though
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    I'll give this a look today, I'll also try caching the paths to cut down on resource usage.
  11. Needs to be premium xd a 4m per hour script bot should not be free xp
  12. Yeah I didn't plan for it to go free, I thought Cloud wouldn't push it until it met all the criteria lmao
  13. can't you like set a usage time limit on it now? :p
  14. It's only come through next update and I plan to have it premium by then
  15. nice :) any other good money bots planned? :D more skiller-ish
  16. Working on improving HaxSummoning and converting it to the Alpha framework, a Farming bot is on it's way as well as a Livid Farm bot.

    Alpha Runecrafting is going to get an overhaul soonish, adding some cool stuff like p2p altars and abyss runecrafting.
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  17. You should talk to @Hazard about those farming bots friend, he is working on the same projects :p Maybe make a collaboration :p
  18. Ehh, collabs are kind of difficult tbh xD
  19. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    This along with Dominion Tower is what currently stands in my way on my road to comp cape :D
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