Alpha Barbarian Outpost Fisher 1.0

Fishes flawlessly forever

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    Alpha Barbarian Outpost Fisher - Fishes flawlessly forever

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  2. will igve this a go now, Thanks!
  3. :) will check it out :D
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    Running smooth for 5min now :) will let it go an hour and report back :D
  4. seems to work pretty good would be nice if you ould make it drop after catching like 3-4 fish instead of 1
  5. Tested it for a couple hours.
    6h proggy will be uploaded in 3 hours :)
  6. Here is my proggy :)
  7. A bit slow in dropping the fish imo

    It should wait until a full inventory and then spam the action bar keys to drop them fast
  8. You continue to interact with the fishing spot when dropping 1 at a time.
  9. Didn't realize at first that I needed to put my fish in the action bar.. It works perfectly fine now... However as stated above it would be nice if bot dropped fish after catching like 10 of them... It seems that you lose out about 7k Xp / Hour because of the constant dropping.

    Can't complain though, its doing the job!

  10. You interact with the pond still, this wasting 0 ticks. Overall perhaps there's something you've missed which is resulting in a lack of xp
  11. @ozdev I actually did miscalculate - There is no xp difference at all... The bot runs great!
  12. Flawless. I would post a proggy but since it's double xp weekend I'll wait. Running it 24/7 making 5m+ xp a day this weekend.
  13. same.
  14. [​IMG]


    FUuuuuuuck this is the 5th time in a row this is happened (tis why I'm posting a screen shot)

    The bot gets stuck in this location and for some reason doesn't drop the fish. Presume its too far away from any spots so it fucks out.

    Please fix this! This bot is amazing shame I didn't take a snap of my 18 hour proggy on 2xp weekend. Keep up the good work mate!
  15. @Jesse Ive noticed this problem as well. Its random - some times it happens, sometimes it doesn't.
  16. If the interface comes up saying that you can't carry any more fish, the bot does not close it; thus getting stuck. Maybe do a check for if this interface is visible to close it? :) Also, I have "Teleport fishing urn" in my action bar, and it's not teleporting when this action is available. Apart from that, excellent bot! Well done :)
  17. any chance this'll be updated for Darkscape?
  18. I finally remembered to get one before restarting it lol. Here it is.


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