Alpha Charm Sprites [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by SlashnHax, Jun 12, 2015.

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    Going to do 85 on azure's now :) but tonight its all going to be charm sprites :D
  3. Amazing, defenitely going to use this!
  4. Babysit it for a bit to begin with, from what I could tell it works well but I'm no expert on Charm Sprites xD
  5. ok :D thanks
  6. You may need to tweak your mouse multiplier to get it to click on them xD
  7. Can you explain what it does?

    Forget it i'm dumb enough to not read the thread :p
  8. Catch charm sprites. You can get an enhanced yaktwee stick (5% bonus xp in Hunter) if you catch 1000 of them, and it's also a requirement for completionist cape.
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  9. I think you can also turn the charm slices into summoning charms xD
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  10. Yeah, I didn't even know lol:p
  11. i just want it for the enchanted stick
  12. The mouse can't follow up to the charm sprites, make it faster or something?
  13. Can't you make it faster through settings?
  14. Tried that, still not able to hold up to the charm sprites, they are pretty fast.
  15. Yes those annoying shits :p i did 200 legit :p gone crazy over them xd
  16. Mine worked fine with a mouse multiplier of 2 xD
  17. running for 10 minutes now :'( and it hasn't caught 1... :'( its way to slow :'(
  18. Strange, it was catching them quite reliably for me. Mouse multiplier was 2, client size was half screen.
  19. how can i change the mouse multiplier?
  20. I just used it for over an hour, its okay. Click on the tools by the keyboard on your client and put the mouse multiplier at 2.0
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