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  2. Running at the moment - 2 hours in extremely smooth, will try for 20 hours or so.
  3. It doesn't support Seers Village or am i blind? And i tried powerchop in the maple tree there and it didn't work.
  4. Is the maple tree called "Maple" or "Maple tree"?
  5. Maple tree
  6. Okay, that's why xD
    The names in the GUI correspond directly with the name of the tree it's gonna try to chop.
    Fixed now, should be all g next patch
  7. Waiting patiently. Going for some fletching while i wait.
  8. Does it now support banking in Seers Village with the Maple Tree?
  9. it should now cut maple trees and if you can select seers village in the gui then you should be able to bank there
  10. Seer's Village isn't an option
  11. I'll map it right now then
  12. You're the best
  13. [​IMG]
    Going very smooth so far!!
  14. Awesome proggy! Thanks :)
  15. Well both, wahtever is more convenient, whether it be drop or bank.

    I just didnt see the tai bwo wannai option in the gui.
  16. It should drop them already, the option is just where to bank. It's not in there as I haven't mapped that bank yet :)
  17. Would it be possible to support woodcutting juju potions?
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