Alpha Construction 1.0

Your one-stop construction solution.

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  2. This resource has not been removed and is available for download.
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  3. You seem to have done what many other construction bot developers are failing at doing: making a stable script bot that acts human, uses protean planks, and is quite stable. Thank you very much for this contribution! :)
  4. Why not just add support for protean easy to get nowadays
  5. Soon to be 99 with this script bot :p (2x XP active, oak larders)
  6. The bot starts then stucks at "Waiting for butler" even if the demon butler is right next to me... Any tip ?

    EDIT : I restarted my client (should have tried this first...) and it seems to work great now. Thank you for your work ! ;)
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  7. Can you add a failsafe so if your account logs out it takes you back into your house, building mode, and un notes with the butler? Or just log out when the bot isn't stared in a poh?
  8. runs well enough.

    I've been encountering a bug where if the demon butler is standing next to a door hotspot and the bot goes to use the planks on the butler, it will instead use it on the door hotspot since it is the left click option. turning on "force menu interaction" still doesn't fix it; it will still click on the door hotspot instead of the butler even when it opens the right click menu.

    if left alone it'll get stuck in this loop, but the bug can be fixed by walking away from the door hotspot. somehow I always end up back next to it though.

    visual representation:

  9. an update on this would be nice @Aria

    There isnt any other working con bot atm :/

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