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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Eagles13, Sep 25, 2014.

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  1. Eagles13 submitted a new resource:

    Alpha Cooker - Cook anything anywhere!

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  2. @Eagles13

    A bug: if karim is standing in front of the range it will keep spam clicking him trying to click the range.

    Another: if its clicking on the same tile as the range, but missing the range, it will keep clicking on this spot but if your character doesn't move it will continue to click on the spot without doing anything. A possible solution to this would be to see if you haven't moved for a long time and its trying to click on the range, then run to the door.

    Any future plans to add rogues den support? Or Nardah? Al-kharid is much slower xp than anything else.
    Also it's acting a little slow, not sure if its problems with clouse but deltadivi never had problems for the past 2 weeks with being slow. So its possible that the way your script bot uses the mouse is causing lag somehow, though I'm not sure how it works so I may be wrong.

    Edit: it's sped up a bit in the past few minutes, so must have been a clouse problem?
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  3. Eagles13 updated JCooker with a new update entry:

    JCooker v0.1.7 Released!

    The following changes:
    -Added support for Taverley (Rogue's den)
    -Added support for Nardah (desert)

    Bug fixes:
    -script bot should run in general much faster due to less replication of finding banks and ovens/ranges.
    -script bot should be much less detectable as static tiles have been replaced with areas, thus the player will walk to a seemingly random tile.
    -script bot should more accurately click on ranges/ovens.

    Future planned changes:
    -Complete script bot re-write to have more tasks.
    -Support for more foods/fishes
    -Support for urns.
    -Support for changing fish in the cooking interface if the correct one is not selected.
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  4. @Furor the bugs you mentioned have been fixed. Nardah and Rogue's den have been added.
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  6. Add support for bonfire cooking? Preferably at G.E as everyone does there
  7. Working great at al kharid, cheers!

    700 shrimp later... :D
  8. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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  10. @Eagles13 In rogues den, when i try to cook tuna with cooking gauntlets equipped, It just moves the cursor to the minimap and then back on screen and clicks. It does nothing else. In EOC mode. Presets enabled

  11. Unable to reproduce this:

  12. I'm cooking tuna. maybe its a client issue on my end? Any idea how to get a completely new Gamepack ID? @Eagles13
  13. Will use shortly.
  14. Eagles13 updated JCooker with a new update entry:

    JCooker v0.2.1 Released!

    Added the Rogue's den properly (derp)
    Changed the old Rogue's den to taverly.
    JavaFX UI
    Some logical reworks which ought to improve efficiency.
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  15. Works fine, got me from 1-38 cooking in about 1-1,5 hours.
    Got no real proggys because it was halfway anchovies and the rest shrimps. :)
  16. Will be trying this bot out shortly! I'm pleased to hear it supports Nardah, it's my favourite location on all of EOC, especially to skill in.
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