Alpha Curly Roots 0.01

Will make you hotter than Shireen Baratheon!

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  2. Does this drink prayer pots?
  3. The bot seems to attack jadinkos (missclick)
  4. Wield a bow, but no arrows.
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    Amazing script bot bro. Will release more proggies over time:
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  5. alphacurlyroots.png alphacurlyroots.png
    Here is small progress using this bot
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  6. It's working quite well. Only real problems is that the bot tends to spam click the roots to the point where the character in-game resets the gathering, and sometimes misses the roots entirely after they were chopped the first time and then moves on to another. The camera angle/antiban seems to be working against the bot sometimes too as it makes clicking the root a lot harder when it adjust the camera all the way down.

    Around ~400k firemaking exp an hour though. Hngggggg. It may have its flaws, but this is a good bot. Thanks for the 99!

    Edit1: The bot seems to stall out randomly in the most northern area. I moved to one of the side areas and it seems to be working fine again.
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  7. Is there anyway you could add burning the roots in the fire pits?
  8. An update on this bot would be great! It works in its current state but its pretty slow. havent tried drinking ppots though.
  9. Could you make this support prayer renewals/super prayer renewals? Also, as the previous poster said, it's quite slow
  10. nice idea, not working
  11. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  12. Says last update 7/11. Is bot still no longer functional?
  13. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.

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