RS3 Alpha Divination Who Bots Div :)?

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Have you gotten banned from using an Divination Bot?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I would like to know if anyone else is using Alpha Divination or has gotten banned from any Div bot :oops: Thanks.

    My stats for my bot.
    1900+ Total Level
    200+ Quest Points
    40M Gear

    Progress Report :cool:
    Week 1 Starting Div bot at 70 Div
    Week 2 Reached 90 Div made 61M
    Week 3 Reached 99 Div made 208M
    Week 4-6 440M Made This is going to be my last report.
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  2. Me! Haven't been banned yet and I'm pretty close to 99 :)
  3. Ahhh nice man :) im planning to get 99 im currently 70 Div
  4. Been botting Divi for a few weeks now, and it works like a charm!
    Havn't ran into any issues so far, 90+ divi atm, should be getting 99 in a week orso :D
  5. I did 1-95 coverting to experience and 95-98 converting to energy, should be getting 99 in a week with profit
  6. Thats great Im working towards 99 now since all the feedback i have gotten :) do you use brake handler? and how long do you run your bot for also i babysit my bot :D
  7. I used to take breaks and do 4-6 hour streaks but lately been doing 15+ hours accidentally few times without breaks
  8. wow thats alright whats your div level now mine is 81
  9. i have about 12 bots running alpha div
    im converting memoriez to energy
    lustrous wisps
    18 hour runs on all 12
    and my monthly gain is 5.9b
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    i havent got banned or bot busted
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  10. That is insane dude
  11. well think of it like this bro a regular player without botting
    once you get 75 div u get like 1000 energies every 10 minutes theres 60 minutes in an 1hour
    so for every hour im getting 6,000 energies
    but for ever 24 hours im getting 144,000 for each account
  12. Nope, and I used to bot 20h+/day.
  13. Dang, that's like a grand a month xD
  14. not gonna lie but your divination bot payed for a semster in college
  15. Sold all my energy today, also im botting on two accounts so its double the money.
    61M Made :)

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  16. How do you run that many without getting the "runemate has run out of memory..." deal?
  17. restart the client
  18. And no donations to Slash himself?!
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  19. This is my last progress report.
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