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  2. I get an error upon startup, it withdraws everything from the bank correctly but I get stuck at "Could not find path to dragons".
    Here's the error:

    Code (Text):
    1. Exception in thread "Bot-JBlueDragons" (04:04:56) java.lang.InternalError: Malfo
    2. rmed class name
    3. (04:04:56)      at java.lang.Class.getSimpleName(Unknown Source)
    4. (04:04:56)      at a.xM.char(jcb:113)
    5. (04:04:56)      at
    6. x.toString(dtb:154)
    7. (04:04:56)      at
    8. x.hashCode(dtb:271)
    9. (04:04:56)      at
    10. x.equals(dtb:259)
    11. (04:04:56)      at
    13. (04:04:56)      at
    15. (04:04:56)      at
    16. uilder.buildTo(pxb:66)
    17. (04:04:56)      at rm.Aux.true(m:87)
    18. (04:04:56)      at rm.con.true(e:88)
    19. (04:04:56)      at jBDK.BDK.onLoop(r:197)
    20. (04:04:56)      at
    21. 95)
    22. (04:04:56)      at
    23. wb:88)
    24. (04:04:56)      at
  3. how per hour is BlueDrags?
  4. Guhh. The script bot is nonfunctional on the botstore, but works fine locally. I'll tell @Cloud or @Arbiter to take it down until I can figure out what's wrong with it.
  5. [​IMG]

    Currently troubleshooting as to why the script bot isn't working on the store. Quick proggy. Proffit ph levels out at around 680k for me in the resource dungeon.
  6. Hey mate, I just tried the script bot and it said that it couldn't find the path to the Blue Dragons :(
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  8. What's your agility & dungeoneering level? If agility is under 70 you cannot take the pipe, which means you'll need to add "Dusty Key" as an inventory item, as indicated in the setup video. If your dungeoneering level is under 60, you won't be able to use the resource dungeon.
  9. My agility level is 70+ and dungeoneering is 50, but I didn't use the resource dungeon.

    I'll try it again in 30mins or so, maybe I did something wrong :p
  10. If you still need help, I'm happy to assist via TeamViewer.
  11. Why not use Predefinedpath for walking if web is causing problems?>
  12. It worked for me actually, but it got some problems banking, like sometimes it will just stay there and say "banking" and it will also click on the Collect thing at the banks, and then it won't close it down itself.

    Anyways it seems to be flawless at the dragons, nice killing and looting ;)
  13. As far as I know, that would be ridiculously detectable.
  14. Thanks! I'll look into the banking issues.
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  15. What

    Why would it be?
    what makes the web less detectable than a predefinedpath?
  16. PredefinedPath uses static tiles.
  17. Do PredefinedPaths handle agility obstacles, gates, staircases, etc?
  18. Awesome man! ;-)
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