Alpha Dungeoneering Progress Thread

Discussion in 'Projects' started by SlashnHax, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. 13th July 2015
    - Framework started​
    13th July
    - Spent a couple of hours on it
    - Dungeon mapping implemented (Maps all rooms, doors and keys)
    - Maps dungeon as a graph, compatible with all graph algorithms.
    - Accurately maps graph at any progress.
    - Room mapping complete (Room type)
    - Door mapping complete (Door type, requirements, openable)​
  2. DungeoneeringMate
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  3. Good luck mate, your bots are known to be of high quality so I can't wait. :)
  4. DungNHax
  5. Cant wait for this! :D
  6. So many Dungeonnering bots comming out, the Hype'ezreal!

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