Alpha Dwarf Miner 1.0

Fastest F2P iron

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  2. Just wanted to give Aria some credit for this bot, extremely stable.

  3. [​IMG]
    Thanks for the script bot, will keep it running! :)
  4. Seems awesome, i have it as well, but i dont know where to start to make it work hehe
    Can you write more explanations dot nonallknowers ?
    Thanks !
  5. Runs solid so far. A bit slow however.

    I don't notice any antiban though.
  6. Still supporting this bot? I tried to run it and nothing happened.
  7. For anyone interested this still works really well :D
  8. uh, no...not working at all now. Crashes every time, won't even start
  9. Just tried and I get errors, too
  10. Same here. :(
  11. @Aidden Inactive author, please remove from store
  12. Does the bot work though?If it's broken in some way, can it function without that feature?
  13. @Aidden

    This bot uses the deprecated TaskScript or LoopingScript. Pretty sure that's why it crashes on startup.
  14. Yeah looks like. I'll let slash know
  15. I was very pleased to see this bot up and running, however after 5-10mins of mining, it just logs in and out of lobby. Any idea what's causing that?
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    Sorry to double post, but is there any chance you've had an opportunity to look at this? @Aria
  16. This is currently a problem with the inbuilt break handler, if you delete all the breaks in the bot interface it should work withouta problem.
  17. The problem is that there is no interface to change anything.
  18. Is there not a drop down menu in runemate that says break handler?
  19. Not that I'm seeing. Maybe you're seeing something that I'm not?
  20. let me just run the script bot and check
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    Apologies you're right must just be a problem with the bot

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