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  2. When using the script bot to fish in Catherby for tuna swordfish and lobster it's mouse movement speed is incredibly slow. It has trouble locating the fishing spots and has trouble traversing to and from the bank.
  3. Mouse speed issues should be raised with @Cloud and @Arbiter, although I've had no trouble attempting to get to and from the bank. I am aware of an issue whereby the script bot does not always select the closest available fishing spot and sometimes runs elsewhere before starting the fishing. It's on the to-fix list - but after a few other things such as my blue dragon killer and a script bot re-write of my smither.
  4. I just noticed that it has a much slower mouse speed compared to the rest of the scripts bots is all, and I'm glad it's on the fix list.
    Thank you for the scripts bots.
  5. I'll look in to that.
  6. Mouse speed is fixed, the script bot is having issues finding the fishing spot for lobsters at Catherby and is running back and forth across the beach.
  7. Does it eventually find a spot or not? I'll work on a fix for this at somepoint soon.
  8. No it does not find a spot, the most I have been able to get out of the script bot was 2 inventories full and then it would get lost and start running back and forth.
  9. no matter where i fish lobsters it fishes one then walk like a tiny bit away and then back to fish one more lobster.. keeps repeating that and then banks
  10. Getting stuck at catherby fishing lobsters, quite annoying TBH, nice script bot despite this small error though, thanks.
  11. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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  13. is it possible to add rocktail fish into the bot if it's not too much to ask :) would be great xp and money per hour
  14. Rocktails are part of LRC and would have to be part of a different script bot with different mechanics.
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  16. Eagles13 updated JFisher with a new update entry:

    JFisher v0.1.3 Released!

    -Added JavaFX UI
    -Small logical re-work in fishing code to make sure that the current spot disappears before a new one is sought.
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  17. Could you add Karamja support for Tuna+Lobbies and possible powerleveling and cooking? Like it collects a log from a dead tree on the volcano, and then drops the cooked/burnt fish?
  18. Does this not powerfish? Interested in powerfishing at barb village
  19. I'll be adding powerfishing and a couple more locations this week.
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