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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Eagles13, Mar 29, 2015.

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  2. great bot, but theres a bug. if u get a strange rock when spinning Flax, the bot will destroy the rock, but when the rock is destroyed the bot just stops, and you have to reset again. should have been a bettre description in the overview on how to use it. like thet you have to start in Taverly, and if you are going to spinn Flax you need to start With an backpack/Inventory With flax. allso if u get logged out, it will log inn again, but stop its spinning proces. but all in all, great bot. it would be Perfect if the bugs where fixed =)
  3. I'll take a look into all of this.
  4. thx m8 ;)
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  7. Is it possible to add Lumbridge support?
  8. I just attempted a 24 hour proggy on this script bot spinning flax! Unfortunately it failed. At 17108 bowstrings the script bot turned itself off. But here is the results I managed whilst getting it:
    1. Bought 25k Flax
    2. Spun 17108/25000 flax
    3. Made 2.3m Profit
    4. Made 260k crafting xp
    5. Averaging approximately 150k profit per hour
    6. Averaging approximately 14.5k xp per hour

    All in all its a good script bot!
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  9. whats your settings :O?
  10. What'd you mean mate?
  11. ingame settings since mine fucked up every hr.
  12. works good stands at bank and does nothing also if it does work when i get a strange rock it just stops any ideas or fixes?
  13. Works fine for me.

    I'll take a look into the strange rock issue.
  14. ok thank you do you maybe be have a eta also it gets stuck up stairs sometime when doing bow string
  15. @Eagles13 gets stuck at opening the door for the house, clicks the ground in front of the door which I presume may have been a misclick then just stands there, more fail safes need to be implemented. once that Is done the got will be perfect. All other aspects work perfectly for me just the door opening./reopening.
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    @Eagles13 can you please update this, the fix for my problem above can't be too hard just implement a fail safe for the door at the house. Besides that the bot is perfect
  16. -When headed to sears from another location (lets say lumbridge) the bot toggles the ard lodestone but should instead select seers village lodestone
    - when making bowstrings the bot should have an option for preset for faster banking
  17. If possible port the flax spinning to OSRS? :p?
  18. Sounds like a web issue to me. nomfp.
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