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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Eagles13, Apr 19, 2015.

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  2. Gratz on release!
  4. Are darts supported?
  5. Whenever @Cloud or @Arbiter push my latest updates, they will be supported, yes.
  6. Yeah was going to say bot doesn't even work. When I start it a big blank box comes up and when I exit out of the box the Jcrafter GUI comes up.
  7. I'm having the same problem as Jesse, only the JCrafter gui doesnt show, its the JCrafter paint.
  8. No gui, a bit slow, doesn't do stringing.

    All in all though, it kicks ass. Just wrapping up my last 50k darts and I got 61-90 :D

  9. No gui is the only thing, it is far from slow, getting 102k/hr with maple shieldbow when its usually 95k odd
  10. Works pretty fine in fletching arrow shafts, thank you!
  11. I'm not sure why the exp/h is this low on this one but oh well, next proggy will be 95k+ exp/h. Thanks for the wonderful script bot!

    Oh and yeah, I assume you will change the paint in the next update? haha
  12. im getting 104k/hr with mapleshield bows
  13. Cutting or stringing? Im at 97k exp/h atm, I'm running the bot on my old laptop though so I guess that is whats causing the xp difference.

  14. Cutting of course. I'm running it on a i3 ultrabook that has been on for 98 consecutive days with no ram cleaning. lag isn't a word for me anymore. Its taken me about 5 minutes to write this. 100% sure lag doesn't effect exp. whenever I cut at varrock west I always get 100k+ don't know why but hey who cares. worth a shot!?!
  15. im seeing this across your cooker and fletcher that the bot just clicks again to reflectch or recook in the middle of those tasks is that some sort of anti-ban?
  16. No. You need to re-enable the creation interface in the RS settings.
  17. I forgot to ask this earlier but why isnt stringing supported?
  18. Got 99 thanks to this script bot thanks
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    dont like new capes so reverted old style cant see fletching icon :{
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