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    Alpha Gilded Altar - Pray like never before!

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  2. Does it support using other peoples POH? Looks nice so far :)
  3. Could u add mounted glory and yanile teleport support?
  4. Doesn't support other people's POH, however, I recall that there's another script bot which does on the BotStore.

    I'll support mounted glory because it's easy - that update should come within the next 24 hours. I may support Yanille teleport at some point, but it probably will be at the same time that I start supporting other people's POHes; it might be a while.
  5. Fancy doing something similar to this script bot but Ectofuntus?
  6. It's a future possibility. I'm currently working on optimizing all of my scripts bots and better anti-ban, which is the first priority. I will then finish my Blue Dragons script bot. After that, I'm not sure what I'll do. It might be an ecto script bot, it might be something else. That's the roadmap for the next week or two.
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  8. @Eagles13 why does it have to teleport can u just make it run to yanille bank please
  9. Teleporting is faster. This is not high on my to do list. Teleports cost 1k/ea. If you're sane, you're offering infernal ashes which cost 50k/inventory anyway. The cost of the teleports is negligible by comparison.
  10. teleport to house needs 50 construction tho :/ by not high on ur list when do u recon u will include this
  11. Not everyone's house is in yanille mine is in rimmigton and to transfer it to yanille I need 50 construction
  12. Do you want to use someone else's house or your own?
  13. Someone else's
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  15. It just likes to hover the "enter portal option"... inside of my house
  16. Just a sec. Are you saying that it interacts with the portal whilst INSIDE your house?
  17. Once it uses the home teleport tablet, it needs to get out. It tries to click the portal (in my house) and cannot.
  18. If it's interacting with the portal in your house then something is very wrong. Does it offer the bones before interacting with the portal?
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    Having tested, something seems to be wrong on the SDN with amulet of glory detection.
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