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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Eagles13, Oct 10, 2014.

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  1. Eagles13 submitted a new resource:

    Alpha Granite Miner - It will rock you.

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  2. This is awesome, I'm going to test it out with Sign of the porter VIs!
  3. Gratz on release man :) inb4iwriteabetterone ;)
  4. My experience so far: It's kind of heavy, lags RS a lot.
    Also selecting the banking option won't bank, but instead drops the granite, but I would assume that's not implemented because gp/h is not implemented.
  5. I'll check that out. I implemented banking and then subsequently powermining, so there's probably something affecting it badly. I'll probably have it fixed by this evening.

    Edit: Found the bug, will push in 5 once I've confirmed it's working again.
  6. Also, same issue as before with the mouse missing rocks. It's unusable, unfortunately.
  7. As I've mentioned before, this will be fixed as soon as models are back up. In the meantime make sure your camera is pointing north, and that you are as zoomed out as possible.
  8. But what's the point of putting out a script bot that can get people banned and cannot function properly? I'm almost positive I would get banned if it sat clicking in the same spot for 6-10 hours. Also models have been down for how long, a month or more? It wouldn't be a bad idea to get in touch with other developers and ask how they have functioning scripts bots in spite of models being down.
  9. I've just updated the model and the banking code. All should work normally. I know banking does. However, I'm not 100% sure that the models are 100% flawless, so please do test for an extended period of time and see.

    Note: in order to make clicking the granite rock more reliable, the area of the model for the rock has been decreased slightly. This means that the overall area which the script bot is liable to click is also smaller, potentially making it more detectable as a human would click any area of the rock, however the script bot will only click the central 70% of the pixels as the others may yield undesirable results.

    Edit: I should note that these updates will probably go live within the next 10 minutes to hour. I have to wait for an admin to push my scripts bots.
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  10. Error on start, must be to do with the updated query API?
    Code (Text):
    1. (09:47:10) java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/runemate/game/api/hybrid/queries/
    3. results/LocatableQueryResults
    4. (09:47:10)      at jgraniteminer.tasks.DoMining.activate(
    5. (09:47:10)      at shared.TaskHandler.tick(
    6. (09:47:10)      at jgraniteminer.Graniteminer.onLoop(
    7. (09:47:10)      at
    8. 85)
    9. (09:47:10)      at
    10. hb:118)
    11. (09:47:10)      at
    12. (09:47:10) Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
    13. brid.queries.results.LocatableQueryResults
    14. (09:47:10)      at java.lang.ClassLoader.findClass(Unknown Source)
    15. (09:47:10)      at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    16. (09:47:10)      at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    17. (09:47:10)      at com.runemate.PJ.loadClass(hbb:39)
    18. (09:47:10)      ... 6 more
  11. Resolved. Was not an issue on my end.
  12. Ok, I finally got to using this and I've encountered these errors:

    • It ignores the 'use water tiara' option when banking and attempts to withdraw waterskins
    • It will attempt to withdraw waterskins when the inventory is full of sign of the porters
    • If I use a water tiara with waterskins it will teleport to bank but will teleport back to the mine immediately even though the mine is full
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  13. I'll work on a fix for this. I don't actually have a water tiara to test it with. I'll do my best to see what the problem is. If you start the script bot with an empty inventory with sign of the porters and without water tiaras it ought to work absolutely fine.
  14. Did you push these updates to all of your scripts bots relying on the backup models or just your granite miner? I encountered the clicking bug on your powerminer and just wanted to check.
  15. The powerminer uses the same backup model as the granite miner.
  16. Eagles13 updated JGraniteminer with a new update entry:

    JGraniteminer v0.1.2 Released!

    Fixes the following bugs:
    -Occasional mouse inaccuracy whilst clicking on the granite rocks which could lead to an infinite loop
    -Powermining support
    -Water tiara support.
  17. @Furor bugs ought to be fixed.
  18. Thanks a lot, everything appears to be working so far. This is really awesome and I'm interested to see the XP/h with sign of the porter VI's and water tiara.
  19. JGraniteminer is down for the foreseeable few days due to a client bug.
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