Alpha Granite Miner 1.0

Don't take this bot for granite

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  2. Nice :D imma check this out soon :D
  3. runs well as usual

    the mouse is scary fast when moving from inventory to granite and back to hover 1st inventory slot. (at least mine seems to be)

    think you could add support for equipping signs of the porter when your current one depletes? They give a red message in chatbox on depletion.
  4. That's why the bot was originally private, because of the inventory hovering which I've seen no other bot do.
    Sorry, my divination level is 2 and I also don't play RS3.
  5. Yeah, the inventory hovering is nice I was just saying it moves from inventory, clicks a rock, and moves back to inventory all very quickly. Looks almost instant to me and it manages to click the granite accurately in between. Idk, maybe I just suck at clicking but it looks pretty bot-like to me. I thought there could be a small delay between it clicking a granite and going back to the inventory since it takes a second or two to walk over and mine the rock anyway, there is no need for it to be so quick. It may also only be me having this so idk

    no problem on the porters, but they'd be fairly easy to implement if you ever get divination up a bit (click once to equip and when they deplete you get a game message, so equip another)

    just for future reference, these previously private bots you released... are you planning to update/improve them at all or should I not bother suggesting things for them? I know you said you were planning to expand a few of them into AIOs but basically I don't want to bother typing shit like this if you're not planning to change anything lol.
  6. i also tried this bot runs very nice, good work but when mining the rock and then moving to the inventory it is way to fast could you add a delay or something?
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  7. Doesn't mine anything for me, but it does drop the granite when I mine manually
  8. Seems to be working well. My only complaint is that, when set up on a line of 3 granite, it sometimes goes to the other side of the line to mine. Perhaps I should start it more than 3 squares from the one granite block on the other side of the line of 3.

    edit: I didn't realize the mining was quick enough to deplete the 3 nodes such that the bot has to go to the other side to grab the only non-empty node - bot logic seems sound

    edit2: it struggles a bit with the RMB drop down menus, although I think this might be a Spectre issue...
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  9. It works well for about 30 minutes then it just starts idling until it's kicked to the lobby. Not sure what's causing it, same issue with your Dwarf miner.

    Another thing - I noticed you have sign of the porter support on one of your woodcutters. Any chance of adding the same support for this bot? It would be highly useful for ironmen who need granite as a secondary for summoning :D

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