Alpha Herblore 1.2.0

99 Herblore without the grind!

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  2. Works very good but when will it support more potions?
  3. Potions such as?
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    [​IMG] These ones?
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  4. Yeah like those. and support for bank presets for quicker banking.
  5. Yeah, should I do presets per item?
  6. Bot just opens bank then instantly stops :O
  7. Hmmm, I'm looking into it, could you give me some more info on the setup?
  8. never mind! I was setting it up wrong :p sorry *Facepalm*
  9. @Sithire how are you setting this up wrong, because im having the same issue
  10. Feedback and proggies pls :3
  11. I'd love to use this bot because you can start making new potions after a certain amount of potions made or level reached etc. But there is no Extreme potions options :(
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    In fact from what im seeing Maxiherblore is the only Bot offering Extreme potions support right now
  12. I have the data needed, but not the account to work out how to make the potions xD
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    Null inputstream error is known, should be fixed in next push.
  13. Does This support adrenaline potions?
  14. Yessir.
  15. actually crash
  16. Does it support portable wells?
  17. Not in this version, but there are plans to support both using, placing etc. in the future
  18. Cool, can you give us an ETA or is there too many other projects you need to work on before you come back to this script bot? I hope you and eagle can find time to update the waterfiend script bot hehe, anyways good luck and thanks for the response
  19. Once the issue that's making it crash is confirmed to be gone, I'll probably work on portables support :)
    I'm currently about 20% through rewriting the waterfiends bot :)

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