Alpha Nature Runner 2.0.3

Naturally nurture nice profits via Nature runes!

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  2. more info plz? it's premium now we need more info to purchase some credits
  3. Hey sorry, you'll be able to purchase credit by the end of the day. Currently the bot is marked as premium and is under going the final stage of approval.

    Edit: You can now purchase credit and use this bot :)
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  4. Hey there, with my character it seems to have a problem withdrawing my ring of dueling. if I start without one it will not withdraw one from the bank and if I start with one it will use up all of the charges and then not withdraw another from the bank. other than that I didn't see any immediate problems except when I first started the bot it went outside castle wars to refill summoning points and then it started running north away from castle war's, saying it was going to the bank.
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  5. Hmmm, I see, I'll get right onto that. For now using Ring of Kinship might be your best bet, I'll fix the bugs asap.
  6. ok thanks! :) other than that stuff it looks really good!
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  7. Gratz on release!!!!
  8. Fixes have been coded, and tested to verify they're working.

    Would you guys like it if for teleports with multiple locations (Ring of Duelling, Tokkul-Zo etc.), the destination is able to be chosen in the GUI?

    Also if anyone was wondering what the the rates are like with a pretty bad setup (50 Runecrafting, no presets, no pouches, no action bar, and using a Ring of kinship), it's around 250k gp/hr and 10.5k exp/hr.
  9. Aw I was gonna use it with my skiller... But it would be the worst setup :'(
  10. I'll give it a run using presets, duel ring and actionbar in a second.

    Next update will support interacting with your familiar via the ActionBar (you must have the left-click action set to Interact though), as suggested by @someoneelse
  11. Hey is there a way for you to repair the pouches without the npc contact, does this support massive pouches and has preset for those without 57 summoning?
  12. You need 57 summoning to be able to teleport to the nature altar
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  13. Congrats on release! :) I'd be interested in a video of it in action.
    There's also the fairy ring/tokkul-zo option, which requires The Elder Kiln and Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen. This would enable use of an abyssal familiar.
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  14. I'm aware of that, but I think this one is set up just for the graahk method.
  15. Oh right, forgot to mention that.

    This would probably be the first bot to do it, though, afaik, if SlashnHax implemented this. Might increase profit by around 15-25% for those with 93 summoning, or 9-15% for those with 62 summoning.

    EDIT: These numbers come from
    24 inventory spaces + 3 small + 6 med + 9 large + 12 giant + 18 massive = 72 essence per trip.
    20 spaces abyssal titan / 72 = 27.8% increased essence per trip.
    15% - 25% because of the extra few seconds that running to the fairy ring might require.

    12 spaces abyssal lurker / 72 = 16.7% increased essence per trip.

    7 spaces abyssal parasite / 72 = 9.7% increased essence per trip.
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  16. The only other way to repair the pouches would be to run to the abyss and actually talk to the Dark Mage there, this isn't currently supported though.
    Massive pouches are not currently supported (I'll look into them today).
    57 Summoning is required (for now).
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    Looks like I'm gonna either need to do some questing, unless someone lends me their account to add Fairy Rings xD
  17. Add support for repair rune pouch spell and i will surely buy some credits and start using it :)
  18. I'll look into it, never done Livid Farm but I'm confident I can create a bot for it if need be :)
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  19. Also that would be awesome c:

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